NDD minimises the risk of damage to assets such as fibre-optic cabling, gas and water pipes, etc. by using high-pressure water and vacuum instead of mechanical excavation. NDD can be used for various applications, including:

  • power/light pole installation and removal;
  • exposing gas, water, telecommunications and electricity assets;
  • asset cleaning;
  • pipe trenching;
  • geotechnical assistance digging;
  • sign installation and removal; and
  • debris cleaning and removal;
  • concrete green cutting.

Carey Civil contractors’ NDD vehicles are equipped with jetting hoses and heads for cleaning pipes and conduits up to 450mm [inside/outside] diameter, and push-rod pipe CCTV to identify blockages or repairs required. If required, we measure distance and make video recordings.

Locating and identifying underground cables before commencing work saves time and avoids unnecessary additional work.

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