Construction Services

The foundations to Carey Civil’s success are:

  • integrity and honest relationships with clients and suppliers;
  • quality workmanship;
  • experienced on-site management;
  • working collaborative to provide the best solutions and outcomes;
  • competitive and accurate price estimates and completion dates;
Construction Services by Carey Civil

Specialist Skills

Carey Civil Contractors provides services for a diverse range of civil construction projects, including:

  • Bulk earthworks;
  • Detailed excavations;
  • Railways;
  • Concrete structures – pits, culverts, formwork, retaining walls, etc;
  • Road construction;
  • Water treatment and sewerage plants;
  • Underground EHV, HV, LV, signal and communication cable construction, installation and commissioning;
  • Substation Works
  • Post & Panel Walls
  • Noise Walls
  • Site preparation;
  • Stormwater and sewer mains & reticulation installation and maintenance;
  • Pumping station and tank construction;
  • Landscaping;
  • Hydro Excavation and underground service locating
  • Bored piling works
  • Car park construction
  • Bus interchanges
  • Stabling yard construction

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